What Is Katan Silk And Katan Varieties ?


Katan silk is a type of silk which is more flexible to wear. It looks very expensive fabric. This fabric is created by holding threads together to create a strong and solid material. It is one of the long lasting fabrics. Katan silk is also known as queen of all fabrics
Silk fabric is easily adaptable to many different formats and designs of clothing for easy change and use. Katan fabric wear looks very pretty for any one. A simple plain Katan silk looks very special and very rather than other fabrics.


Katan silk emerged from Persia and came to India at the time of Mughal empire. Women who belongs to royal families enjoyed the pleasure of wearing silk acquired by paying from Persia and from some parts of India. They pay to weave them in a graceful and stylish manner.
Most of the women in the royal families filtered this fabric for its vigorous nature.
This fabric is very popular in the earlier days for its royal outfit. This is a natural fabric which is very solid in nature and is very famous for katan silk sarees and katan salwar kameez.


Weavers are very careful and precise in making katan silk and provide better standards of fabric.
To make a katan silk, spun thread or in other words yarns are prepared. Yellowed yarns of silk are steamed and these are mixed with chemicals to pressed into shapes without breaking or cracking and are dyed. After that they are arranged in a separated frames.
Then the katan silk are marked with a piece of charcoal which indicates for a dyeing process. After that with the help of wax they tie yarns together. For each and every time fabric is dyed with their respective colors. With this the shapes are designed and possible knots are opened to form a katan silk. The silkworms food comes from a mulberry leaves.

Few Types Of Katan Silk 

  • Katan Brocade: This fabric is made with both gold buttis and crosswise threads on a loom to make a cloth.

  • Katan Butidar: This fabric is made with only gold buttis on a fabric and some times mixed fabric or hybrid fabric

  • Katan Butidar Paga: This has a 2-inch wide border and 12 - 22inch wide pallu. This fabric is made with crosswise threads on a loom and gold butti work on it

Properties of a Banarasi Katan Silk

  • Katan silk looks very comfortable for corporate wear as well as daily wear. It is one of the widely likes textile in the younger generation nowadays

  • This fabric looks very luxurious with contrast matching for a wonderful look and feel

  • Women like to wear this fabric for daily wear due to its most adaptive nature of the fabric


  • Katan silk is a highest preferable fabric and it is fairly easy to maintain
  • A simple wash in a mild soap followed by a cold water rinse

  • Katan silk clothes should not be dried in sunlight because they must be faded

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