Why is satin fabric so in demand?

Satin Fabric

Satin, a fabric also known as artificial satin or art satin. This satin cloth is made with fabrics like polyester, rayon etc… This fabric is very soft and very shiny looks like superficially attractive and stylish. Most of the women use this fabric for party wear and many other occasions like festivals and many party specificThe shiny looks adds a lot of value to any kind of design that is made.

Now, Coming to the fabric the weaving of satin is very idiosyncratic related to other fabrics. It is weaved soft and smooth from outer side and rough from inner side. Satin is also used for home wear casuals. Due to its unique behavior of being able to fit for daily wear and party wear, this has grown popular over the period of time.


Some history on Satin

The manufacturing of satin is very artificial. There are two main reasons for the production and distribution because this fabric looks very attractive and luxurious.

Earlier days most of the women prefer polyester,silk and rayon. The weaving of satin is done with use of more silk thread which looks like glossy. The production is mostly done in European countries and Asia.

The special silk fibers and limited availability of weaving strategy has made this fabric on of the exclusive wears in the ancient times. Once after the time has passed, this has evolved with more artificial ways of manufacturing the satin. That is when it came into light for very simple and easy to wear fabric for all. It is very famous for Abaya. Various types of Satin Abaya with multiple patterns are manufactured.



The fabric is made with a satin weave with a conducting thread or fiber using such as polyester, silk ,nylon etc…then the fabric is known as satin. In this spun is used to weave a material which is used to warp.

This fabric is commonly used by all women in parties, lingerie, night suits,baby gowns, blouses, jackets, lehenga, tees, boxers etc.

What are various characteristics of Satin?

  1. Price is reasonable : Because it is very easily made and has many modern varieties of techniques in manufacturing the satin, it is very reasonable for anyone to buy ranging to various prices.

  2. No irritation : Due to its soft and comfort nature, once can expect no irritation but can feel the essence of comfort and flexibility

  3. Looks attractive : Anyone going for a party, would like to look attractive and feel special in a party. This is then categorized as one of the best Indo western party wear.

  4. More reliable : Satin’s durability is so good that, one can easily depend on it for being a reliable fabric for daily wear, festival wear and any Desi occasion

  5. Highly manufactured : Technology has made it possible to produce various methods to develop and create various ways to make this satin.

How many types of Satin?

  1. Antique Satin

  2. Poly satin

  3. Double faced satin

  4. Slipper Satin

  5. Surf Satin

What are other varieties of satin?

Various varieties of satin that people use are upholstery and also in home décor.

How to maintain Satin?

The best way is to wash in cold water with simple wash in machine. But the best way is to have hand wash with mild detergent.



Source:  Wiki

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