Who we are

We are Modern Desi - founded at the heart of New York City. Modesi is the product of the diverse cultural movement and the innovative boom of the garment industry that compliments the new generation. Our focus is to deliver traditional, cultural attire that meets the demands and trends of the world today, while making use of innovative, high quality fabrics that look and feel extraordinary.

Our Passion

The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is why our passion is our product. We believe in what we create and we want our customers to experience it. Our goal is to create a product that implements both comfort along with elegance. From the moment we create to the moment you receive our product; we want to ensure the product satisfies you and your needs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality garments to make you look and feel your absolute best on any occasion.

We believe that what sets us apart is our quality and our dedication. We want our customers to know that looking and feeling great go together and we guarantee our products will do just that.